Red Wine of the Week Logo Week 49, 1996 İHannu Lehmusvuori
Caballero de la Cepa/Tour Caballero de la Cepa 1992
Mendoza, Argentina
52,70 FIM

Finca Flichman was a happy experience already during week 40 with their wild Syrah. If it reminded me of a loudly neighing stallion, we are now dealing with a skilled horseman.

Caballero de la Cepa 1992 gives a strong greeting even if you sniff it immediately after uncorking. And when the real gallop starts, our rider can both restrain his temperamental horse with strong, velvety and rather developed hands, and let the animal run free. This combination also welcomes a long-distance run of aromas.

A pleasantly full-bodied wine with proper amounts of tannines and acids quite in the Barrancas style. A taste with more than sufficient versatility. Corkfingers

Caballero de la Cepa 1992

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