Red Wine of the Week Logo Week 40, 1996 © Hannu Lehmusvuori
Flichman Syrah 1992 FLICHMAN SYRAH 1992
Mendoza, Argentina
46,80 FIM
A couple of the previous weeks were so high-flying that I must return to the ABC-book. Everything is in perfect order in it. Ar(gentina) before Au(stralia). My world seems to have gotten mixed-up. I have forgotten Argentina and the basic word for every red-wine-novice: Mendoza. That is why this week's photo has to be a photo of photographing a photo. May the wine flow through my finger and up the cord into the camera. So smile!
And there is good reason to have a happy face. Flichman Syrah comes from Barrancas, the heart of Mendoza, where wine is known to be plessed with an extra tannine-kick. It can melt even the heavier meals we love to enhance with cream sauces and strong spices.
Some wines have an aftertaste that lasts only to the foot of the hill, but Flichman Syrah carries you over the mountain.
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