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Abadia with a Ballet Dancer

Raimat Abadia 1992
Costers del Segre, Spain
52,40 FIM

Having previously fallen for Raimat's Tempranillo, I found it joyous to enjoy the pleasure delivered by Abadia. It's taste is abundant, strong, and nice in it's softness. There's once again oak working, but only as a mastered way of maturing the wine.

Abadia seems flexible, becoming many moods and meals. There's kick to it and there's softness of the full body. A successful achivement in combining two of the great grapes: sauvignon and tempranillo.

Clearly a wine that no longer needs to stand in the shadow of my memories of Tempranillo.

P.S. Hello Alko: Nevertheless it would be nice to get Raimat Tempranillo back on the lists to enrich the fine selection from Spain. Corkfingers

Abadia as a Ballet Dancer

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