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Marqués de Murrieta Reserva Especial 1989 Marqués de Murrieta Reserva Especial 1989
Rioja, Spain
85,30 FIM

When Comte de Creixell goes on with the work of Marques de Murrieta, the founder of modern style Riojas, the results can be royal reds.

1989 Reserva Especial is a mature, well developed red with a brownish tint. It allows the tempranillo to exhibit it´s fine potential. One opening the bottle meets a rush of astounding scents including wooden tar, even licorice.

In this wine maturing means a noble development of the grape that leads to deeper meanings of vinification. This wine is alive. On occasions the taste feels so prolonged that your crave for more of this fine wine compels you to raise the glass to your lips and to start a new round of aromas even before the previous one has subsided.

Let the 302.00 Especials in normal bottles, 8400 in magnums, and 910 in double magnums be highly wanted even by those whose cellars are already heavy with the weight of the most noble and honoured vintages. His Steepness, Comte de Creixell has been blessed with perhaps even a more magnificent 1989 than what we´ve testified to have happened with Marques de Arienzo. Corkfingers

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