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Hannu Lehmusvuori
Siglo 1994
Siglo Tinto Crianza 1994
Bodegas Age, S.A.
DOC Rioja, Espanja
53,70 FIM ~$ 10

A bit of nostalgia in the air. Weekly wine has reached a nice diaper-age - a full year and 44 wine reviews lie behind. Thank you for your company!

When last year the heat wave was almost as intense as now, I needed the cooling virtues of Viña Sayalva to balance my body. Now we'll go with greater gusto! The bottle shall wear the protecting jute, and defy the heat. Just as the Hungarian shephard who shields himself with sheepskins in the merciless sun of the plains.

Siglo is soft in the hand and on the palate. Would it be possible to make a miserable wine from the mighty 1994 vintage in Rioja? These three years have even developed the colour of this crianza a beatiful bit. The nose delivers nice expectations - could there be a drop of tar from the barrel. Well, just a tiny drop. - The taste surprises again with opposites; first a light, airy moment before the grapes and the soft vanilla open up and deliver a full body of richness. The finish is not too heavy, but rather hinting, with a minute touch of licorice blended into a tasty experience. A becoming wine for the sunset, when the heat still lingers on but doesn't daze you.

Speak nice things to each other - and sip some! Corkfingers

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