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Hannu Lehmusvuori
Gigondas & Ygay multiplied
Gigondas 1995
M. Chapoutier / AC Gigondas
Rhône, France
92,40 FIM ~$19.50

Castillo Ygay Gran Reserva Especial 1987
Bodegas Marqués de Murrieta, S.A.
DOC Rioja, Spain
123,00 FIM ~$ 24.50

Two things co-incide: I'm getting a notch older (hoping to be wiser!) and the Finnish MID-SUMMER is at hand!
A time of mystery - no night, an everlasting day with the birds taking turns to sing for 24 hours... and the maiden is edging her head over the brink of the well to see a reflection of her love-to-be, or putting 7 flowers under her pillow to dream of him... and we older one's of both sexes try to count as many cockoo sounds as possible to reach old age.

In the carnal world, there is the bonfire towering 100 feet, and people around it dancing (she among them) forgetting everything, but the present, and getting involved with it! This is Mid-summer! In the perfect way: by a lake rolling sweetly at your feet where his and her toes touch to meet deeper... but the sound of the accordion that used to carry a soft invitation to dancing, drinking, hugging and kisses and promises, and bonfire watching, the one that reached all across the lake and to every cottage on the islands and shores - it has been muted. Instead there are more dense and tense, rock-driven, and amplified gatherings of tens-of-thousands of merry-makers acting out the modern versions of these ancient rites.

We started our preparations for the Mid-summer with Gigondas, slightly spiced meat balls in cheese sauce and a salad with tomatoes, cucumber and leek. (I insisted on this every-dayish meal against the protests of my gourmet-wife.) - She (the wine :-) had wine-like scents, not particularly abundantly. And she is regularly deep in her colour. A beautiful red! But, when tasted she has a backbone with fruits of the grape. A pleasantly round mid-taste follows. And she finishes up with slight acids and tannines, reminding that some moments of maturation might give even more harmony to this wine. - A noteworthy wine of quality!

Dessert time! Belgian strawberries - those very firm and beautiful ones. And coffee (with milk and sugar!) - How many of you would imagine a red to accompany? MY VIEW: Castillo Ygay Gran Reserva Especial 1987! My very favourite from the stables of Marques de Murrieta. Ofcourse the sweeter, less apple-tasting, and fuller, rounder, juicier Finnish varieties of strawberries would match better - but we'll have to wait for the full season!

And to accompany the unlikely, we had gorgonzola! - YGAY has the strength to overcome even that. I recommend pouring a glass just about anywhere: the strong tar of the scent will reach you! - She (I'm inclined to call her HE! - apologies to anyone concerned(?)) has developed a definite brown tint to the red. A mature, fully grown wine - soft, round, full - with a strong, enduring taste. There are hints of smoked wood, slight liquorice. The oak vanilla has been ideally incorporated into the rich grape-base!

At the finish you are bound to notice the strength of this mature YGAY, no traces of unripe tannines, but a rich, full body, and living fruit. At BEST NOW! - And as an aphrodisiac! (you have my word on that!) A perfect choice for the rituals of Mid-summer!


This is a present from my kids. Thank you!

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