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Cagiòlo 1993 in warm waters
Cagiòlo 1993
Montepulciano D'Abruzzo VQPRD
Cantina Tollo, Italia
79,50 FIM ~$16

First Cantina Tollo! What could be funnier in Finnish? (Tollo = "stupid", "witless", "out"... I quess one must start from one end of the abundant shelves (?)
Columbus has a great reputation for fool-heartedness - and as a discoverer. I discovered I have a hearty friend in Tollo.
Tollo's nose is not that wide - but it doesn't harm you provocatively, either - it just doesn't incite!. It's nice, but not more.
This wine's paint jar is filled with red and some drops of auburn - my constant yearn-ing! But the taste has that something: a bit of spices, tastyness and a hint of a hint of raisins! So, I'm bought! The eastern parts of this same Mediterranean and her xinomavros tip-toe into my mind. And there is this full body, bearing, and a reasonable duration that spreads widely and nicely within your tasting equipments - and gives you some pleasant kicks and stings.

Come and ride these waves with me! We're going for the warmth, and the burning sun. With our toes in the hot sand!


Melodies for these waves.

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