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Foral by NiteLite
Foral 1990
Caves Aliança
DO Douro, Portugal
51,10 FIM ~$ 10.50

I received an interesting message from an area in Canada that resembles our Finnish sceneries: Aliança belongs to those moments when you want to feel brave. And when ordinary bravery isn't enough Foral from the same caves comes to rescue!

Weight-lifters have a habit of gathering fighting spirit and bravery by sniffing something terrible - it's a lot, a whole lot more pleasant to sniff Foral. The power begins to force itself up. The power of wine.

The first sip tells you of the kick in this wine - demanding and calling forth bravery. Full body, strength and ampleness is bordering with a hard and merciless certainty. Take me as I am! I don't play softball.

Recommended to enlighten your own choreography.


Some rhythm for your wine.

Neon-Disco-Brave Foral

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