Red Wine of the Week Logo Week 5, 1997 (600x800 & 24bits is best)

All visuals & texts Hannu Lehmusvuori

A Wintery Night at Ruoholahden Villat with Close Friends

Your place or mine?
Alianca Reserva 1994
Caves Alianca
Bairrada, Portugal
42,50 FIM
Terre d'Agala 1993
Duca di Salaparuta
Siciliy, Italy
60,20 FIM
Ali: The night is still young! Where to now?
Terry: I could dance, melt my spicy dinner and click my heels on oakparquettes. Let's go?
Ali: Your's or mine? No, I mean that...we can't go to my place - or ofcourse we can, but it's not fun right now, because the whole place is a mess. I had the whole living-room painted with red. A bold choice - but now the paint is still fresh and new and the scent is powerful.
Terry: I wouldn't mind. My condo is smelling real heavy with spices all the time when I cook. - Red you said? I have red with blue hints in my kitchen. You might like it. - Let's go to my place? Yes? At least somewhere inside where it's a bit warmer.
Ali: You are shivering! Come closer. With my heat we'll both do fine. I just wish we were on my leather sofa - someplace a bit warmer!
Terry: Just now I'm feeling very soft - and a bit warmer. But sometimes they overheat at my place. I hope you don't mind?
Ali: Could we just start it cool and then get hot? About 17C?
Terry: Even under will do! Com'on now!
Ali: I'm flying like a powerful deer with tar in it's tail.
Terry: See how I've developed a bit! I'm running with my full body. Look at my balance!
Ali: I'm breathless! Let's get in. My full body is about to overflow!

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