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The 10 year old Merlot '87 Premium Réserve
Merlot '87
Premium Réserve

Lyaskovets, Bulgaria
50,40 FIM ~$ 10.00

Instead of uncorking a red wine it's sometimes nice to perform the act on a brown wine. That's exactly what the 10-year-old Merlot '87 is like. 'Developed' is the usual phrase. When you get older, you get paler, but wiser.

My nose is getting the scents of nutmeg, and some, what-could-they-be, spices. Pleasurably, full of expectation.

The taste is there - for you to find! Softness and full-body appearing rich enough. The ripe grape pushes up. It's pleasurable to sip a wine crowned with the nobility of age! - A thought comes to mind: what is the equation between human and wine years? Let yourself think about your dog or cat getting wiser - it's a lot more difficult to see it with one's self.

When our local retailer lets us know that this wine is hardish, I'm happy I didn't notice it while purchasing the first bottle. I wonder which wine he was sipping?


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