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Wine Photo Book Hannu Lehmusvuori's collection of wine photos printed in a hard cover book. A unique book gift to a lover of wine and art.
Viinikuvakirja Valikoima Hannu Lehmusvuoren viinikuvia painettuna kovakantiseen kirjaan. Uniikki lahja viinin ja taiteen ystävälle.
Viinilehti. Viininharrastajan suomalainen laatujulkaisu. Nettisivuilla lehden esittely, otteita lehdestä sekä päivitykset 'Viinistä viiniin' -kirjan viiniarvioille.
Viinilehti. THE Finnish wine magazine. THE WINE GURU's re-newed site with access to all the information in The Wine Advocate during the past 10 years.
All About Wine Online Wine, Red Wine, White Wine - This site provides a number of very valuable information to the lover of wines. The page, history of wines gives you the brief knowledge about the wine cultivation in the world.
Wine Country Tours - Most premier tours of the Wine Country. Wine Country Tours by the Wine Country Tour Shuttle are the most unique tours in Sonoma and Napa Valleys.
Homebaking - Flour Advisory Bureau promotes the role of flour & bread as part of a balanced diet through educational material. For further information email us on or call us at 0207 493 2521
eBacchus - The Wine Information Community with SweetGrapes® Unbiased Member Reviews.
Wine Tasting Tours - Budget italian cooking vacations & wine tasting tours, tuscan culinary trips & holidays along with cooking lessons, courses & classes in Tuscany, Italy.
The Personal Wine Curator - User friendly, comprehensive wine cellar software. Wine cataloguing. Wine and food pairing. For PC and Mac.
E. Gavrielides - Kreikkalaista gourmet nautintoa (ruokaa, oliiviölyä, viiniä, olutta...)
Greek gourmet enjoyments (food, olive oil, wine, beer...)
Wine Gift Baskets - Wine & Gourmet gift baskets for all occasions. Shipping of wine gift baskets nationwide in the U.S.
China Wines Information - China Wines Information Website is the biggest website that offers the latest and most professional and creditable Chinese wine business news and commercial intelligence. - Bridging the knowledge gap between wine newbies and the wine elite.
This is 100% to my liking!
BKWine - On Wine and Wine Travel BKWine organises wine tours and wine tastings and writes on wine. 15 years experience of wine travel. Free wine and travel newsletter and a photo gallery with 3000 wine pictures.
Wine Writing / Wine eZine The BKWine Brief is a free monthly newsletter on wine, wine travel and tourism, with personal recommendations of outstanding wine producers, restaurants and wine bars. The BKWine Brief is written by an international wine writer and wine judge.
Wine Ratings Wine ratings, wine and winery related information for the enjoyment of fine wines.
Country Wines ­ Winemaking and beer brewing suppliers: With over 1200 winemaking and beer brewing items in stock, Country Wines is an excellent source for the home wine maker. A buying guide to French wine values, with tasting reviews. Reports on French and Italian wines (some spotted as best-avoided ;). - an interesting Spanish wine site with a discussion forum, and lots more.
And they also discuss in english.
Cellar Tours offers luxury wine vacations throughout The Iberian Peninsula. Their tours focus on wine, traditional and creative cuisine, history, art, and architecture. They cater to wine lovers, history buffs, gourmands, and to people with a general love of the good life.
Dr. Vino - Wine picks and politics... (I like that!) wine travel & more in an interesting site by the author who recently finished his Ph.D. dissertation comparing the political economy of the wine industry in France and the United States. - Recommended surfing!
The Winedoctor - Chris Kissack's U.K. based wine site with interesting notes on good wine deals, regional wine guides, restaurant reviews - and a lot more of interest to wine & food lovers... - The Wine School of Philadelphia: enjoy your education.
FUFLUNS.COM - If you want to travel to the marvels of Tuscany - and her wines!
Wine Labels World A new, and interesting addition to the ever growing interest in wine labels. Lots of information on Belgium, too. If you want to know what's going on and where, check out this site - and go to the event of your choice. - A great service to wine, and beer, lovers wanting to associate.
Travel Envoy's Wine Guide. Thousands of wineries, and wine liks introduced for your wine-surfing pleasure. Go ahead!
WINEUPDATE.COM brought together 9 wine sites on Jan. 20, 2001 (including Wine of the Week) with a nice description:
The sites with a TWIST. So, enjoy these:
The Alchemists Wine Perspective
The Compleat Winegeek
The Gang of Pour
Sia's Homepage
The Wine Boobs
The Wine Slob
The Wine Stupids
Wine X

A Swedish photographer doing fieldwork in the fields of my dreams - the winegrowing areas on Mother Tellus. Go and enjoy!

Specialist in old vintages, bottles of collections and hard-to-find wines. Vintages from 1845 !

Peirano is a vineyard in Lodi, California with 5 generations of wineloving, originating from Italy. They have some of the original zins to grow in their 90 year-old vines. The homely site gives you a wine club, and ways to buy the wines directly from the estate.

Peirano on viinitila Lodissa, Californiassa, jota Italiasta alunperin tullut perhe on viljellyt rakkaudella jo viiden sukupolven ajan. Tilalla on alkuperäisiä, 90-vuotiaita, zinfandel köynnöksiä. Kotoiset kotisivut tarjoavat viiniklubin ja mahdollisuuden ostaa viinejä suoraan tilalta.

WINEUPDATE A great resource of wine news from around the world to keep you updated about what is happening, and what has been said about wine on this planet. ( My favourite dates are, ofcourse, September 8, 2000 and January 20, 2001 - guess why? )

Uudenkaupungin virallinen viiniseura.

Ei mitään liian 'virallista', vaan aitoa nautiskelua, viiniä arvostaen, siitä nauttien. Länsirannikolta.

BARON de LEY. Vasta v. 1985 perustetun laadukkaan riojalaisen viinitilan erittäin tyylikkäät sivut. Tuotetietouden ja kunnianhimoisen viininvalmistuksen esittelyn lisäksi sivusto vie upealle matkalle tilan toimintoihin ja historiallisiin rakennuksiin ja kertoo alueen pitkän historian.
BARON de LEY. The very elegant pages of a fine riojan estate established in 1985. In addition to giving product information and explaining their ambitious winemaking policies the site takes you to a beautiful journey through the vinyard, it's activities, and the historic buildings on the estate.
Arthur P. Johnson vie sinut viinin sisälle. Sivuilla on asiantuntevia viiniartikkeleita, amerikkalaisten viinintekijöiden haastatteluja ja laaja maistelukokemusten arkisto sekä mielenkiintoinen Wine Country Photo Album. Sivut ovat harvinaisen selkeä ja rikas kokonaisuus, josta löytyy ammennettavaa.
Arthur P. Johnson takes you inside wine. This site is full of expert articles on wine, winemakers' interviews and Arthur's fine tasting notes. And an enjoyable Wine Country Photo Album. The site is exceptionally clear to surf and rich in content. Recommended for repeated discoveries.

Brad Harringtonin WESTCOASTWINE.NET Länsirannikon suuri viininystävä, jonka sivuilla loistavien viinien lisäksi innostusta musiikkiin, tietokoneisiin, geologiaan ja... Ja mielenkiintoinen keskustelu- ja kohtaamispaikka viiniin intohimoisesti suhtautuville.
Brad Harrington's WESTCOASTWINE.NET for great wine and lots more. Music, computer technology, geology, games... You name it! And an interesting West Coast page for discussing wine and meeting people passionate about it.
VinoNet Informational site with German top estates and plenty of wine information.
VinoSearch - Internet addresses of wineries worldwide
Sue Courtney's New Zealand 'Wine of the Week'. A true lover of wine, and a fine advocate of NZ wines. You'll learn a lot of the wines and their makers. A site that broadens your horizons to the Pacific.
ALKO Sieltä se nyt kaikki tulee - jos ei ole Reissu-Lasse! / The Finnish alcohol retailing monopoly.
Les Kincaid Three great topics: food, wine & golf.
Wine Technologies, Robert Parkerin, maailman tunnetuimman viinikriitikon viinisoftan julkaisija. Muuta ei kait tarvinne sanoa! Viinimaailman pakkopaikka.
Wine Technologies, publishers of the best known wine writer, Robert Parker's wine software. Is there much more to say! A wine world must.
Chateau Musar - legenda jo nyt vaikka historiaa on vain 1930-luvulle. Todella tyylikkäät webbisivut viinillä, jota rakastan!
Chateau Musar - already a legend, though with history only back till the 30's. A very elegant website for the wine that I love!
Avignonesi Hienojen viinien, pitkän tradition ja innovatiivisten kokeilujen esittely italialaisen viiniyhtiön upeilla ja informatiivisilla sivuilla.
Fine wine, long tradition, and innovative experimentation presented on this Italian wine company's beautiful and informative pages.
Bacchus Wine Storage Viinien varastointi- ja säilytyslaitteisiin erikoistunut yritys.
Bacchus Wine Storage For all your Wine Storage, Wine Cellars, and Accessories Needs! A company specializing in wine storage.
WineEducation Asiantunteva viiniopetuksen paikka, jonka rikkaus selviää mitä syvemmälle surffaa.
An expert site for wine education. The deeper you surf, the richer you find this site.
Inniskillin Mielenkiintoinen Kanadalainen viinitila, joka rakastaa pakkasta! Jääviini - ajatelkaapa!
Inniskillin A very interesting Canadian estate in love with the frost! Icewine - imagine that!
Marke Jordan Kirjaileva kaarinalainen nainen / A Finnish Poetess from Kaarina
Myönnän nepotismini! / I admit this is nepotism!

Jani Malmi Jazzkitaravirtuoosi, joka myös parantelee ihmisiä / A Finnish Jazz Quitarist and Composer

Myönnän nepotismini! / I admit this is nepotism!

Nuorukainen, Lassi Lehmusvuori, jolla ei ole mitään tekemistä täällä - onneksi diggaa vielä sivuillaan omaa taidettaan ja Cokista / A young man, Lassi Lehmusvuori who shouldn't be here - fortunately he still digs his own art and Coca Cola

Jorma Kontunen: Espanjan punaviinit. Runsas, asiantunteva ja tyylikäs tietopaketti, josta henkii rakkaus Espanjan viineihin. Lukuisten maistelukokemusten lisäksi yleis- ja valmistustietoutta, esittelyt viinialueista ja vuosikerroista, linkkejä Espanjan bodegoihin, viinikauppoihin sekä muuhun virtuaaliseen viinimaailmaan, jne.
Mark Stevens Mainiot ja hauskat kokoelmat ravintolamenuja sekä ruoka- ja juoma- ja musiikki- ja... linkkejä / A wonderful and vast collection of restaurant menus + links to food, drink, music... with a nice twinkle in the eye
Château Carsin Mielenkiintoinen uuden konseptin viinitila Bordeaux'ssa, jonka sivuilla tyylikkäästi ja seikkaperäisesti toteutettu tilan ja tuotannon esittely / An interesting vinyard in Bordeaux with new concepts. Stylish and very detailed information on the vinyard, it's philosophy, production and products
Ronn Wiegandin Restaurant Wine on ammattilaisten viinilehti ja tarjoaa konsultointtiapua viinikysymyksissä
Ronn Wiegand's Restaurant Wine is a professional wine newsletter and a consulting service.
Mark Squires' Wine E-Zine Todella monipuoliset ja älykkäät viiniarviot & matkakuvat viinin lähteiltä / Comprehensive and witty wine notes and articles & photos from the origins of wine
Pentti Arvela Oulun herkkusuu ja viininmaistaja, viini-ruoka -listan aktiivimoottori / Slow food and wine tasting man from Oulu - the active motor of the Finnish wine-food mailing list
The International Wine & Food Society (Helsinki Branch)
The French Wine Guide All about french wine : regions and grape varieties, annual harvest report, winemaking, virtual vinegrower game, Terroir Letter... & a shop for French wines.
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