by Studio Hannu Lehmusvuori
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First Entrance Gallery is a playground for photography.

It´s in principle free for all. Non-commercial. Art - if you prefer.

To my friends at least.
And the name First Entrance Gallery?
It´s designed to mean, NOT

that the photographers displaying their work here necessarily enter the public arena for the first time, BUT
that the photographs themselves have never been publicly displayed before.

Odessa Bags
Street photography in Odessa
My Mother Through the Eyes of Her Mother
B&W portraits from early 1920's till early 1940's
notre-dame-at-night.jpg - 28864 Bytes
Random Snapshots
in Paris

Become aquainted with my
Wine Photo Book

pict0012.jpg - 6161 Bytes
The Island Diary 2003 - Heinola

pix0067.jpg - 9320 Bytes
The Island Diary 2004 - Skiathos

PICT0402_small.jpg - 11021 Bytes
The Island Diary 2005 - Cyprus

PICT0646_small.jpg - 16680 Bytes
The Island Diary 2005 - Crete

butterly-bougainville.jpg - 12276 Bytes
Cretan Diary 2006-2007

100_2004 small small KALYVES piha KOHTALON KUKKA.jpg - 23144 Bytes
Our Crete 2011-2012

alku_win.jpg - 4454 Bytes
Wine of the Week

- Hannu Lehmusvuori

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