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Hannu Lehmusvuori
Penascal in red Peñascal Tinto
Bodegas Peñascal
Vino de Mesa de Castilla y León, Spain
39,90 FIM ~$9.00

It's pleasant to notice that a good wine is availble at such a modest price.
Peñascal is not a vintage wine, and it tries not to boast with anything except the shape of it's somewhat peculiar and ample figure. Over the years I've become familiar with this wine as an everyday delight. I have always counted on it's stable quality. I can imagine that some of you find it's rather muscular taste not quite becoming as your daily drink, but we all taste with our own histories.

This wine simply has a taste. And that's fine by me.

The dark red, slightly developed Peñascal has a nose of sufficient power. It's full-bodied and rich taste carries rather strong hints of oak. The taste is soft and round, but it also has some kick to it. Quite a suitable wine for the Finnish dinner table that all too often is a bit on the heavy side. And after the dinner, it makes it relaxing to slide into a soft exchange of thoughts. Peñascal creates an atmosphere suiting it's nature - easily approachable. Corkfingers

P.S. The mystery of the daily wine is always very personal. My friend Dr. Malo Fermento's motto is: "we'll continue to find great wine at great prices...and pass them on to you, daily!" There is no better way of solving the mystery.


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