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Domaine de Beaurenard
Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Rhône, France
Not in retail, only in restaurants

Domaine de Beaurenard has every reason to be proud of it's his-tory. For seven generations the estate ownership and the demanding job of the vigneron have been passed on from father to son. This tradition, dating back to 1695, is now on the shoulders of Paul Coulon, who has honored it also by founding a museum to tell about the history of wine making and his vinyards.

Châteauneuf-du-Pape is a wine with traditions and special character that comes from a very limited region and is made of several grape varieties. D. de B.'s selection is: 70% grenache, 10% syrah, 10% mourvèdre, 8% cinsault and 2% of other grapes. The vinyard grows an amazing number of different grapes: 15 varieties! (white ones included, ofcourse).

The wine I tasted is dark red in color. The nose is soft, broad, but not very intense. Hints of plum, and skins of mature fruits and grapes can be found.
The taste of this demi-fullbodied wine is rather soft with hues of cherries. The taste is durable, and has a wide spread. The stings of tannines are well tamed. The high alcohol content (13.5%) seems to conceal some of the finest nuances of this excellent wine.

I tried to follow the Finnish old-folk's traditions, not to put a bottle on the table, but in safety underneath the chair by it's leg. See how it turned out with Coulon's wine?

"Faites confiance à la Tradition" Corkfingers


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