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Hannu Lehmusvuori
Goya Glorioso Glorioso Gran Reserva 1987
Bodegas Palacio
Rioja, Spain
79,80 FIM ~$17,50

Tempranillo seems to make many kinds of wines. Glorioso belongs to the group that doesn't reveal itself easily.

This is a deep red wine with brownish hints and marks of maturation. Once again the nose is dark - the grape mixed with English licorice. Hopes up high to begin tasting!

But the first impression of the taste is that of narrowness, shortness, and still serving hard and tannine messages mellowed by the years. In a short while the rounder, sophisticately sweet, oaky hints and a fuller body start to emerge. The wine finishes with some repeated hard and tannine tastes that make a prolonged finish. Because the wine stays in your tastebuds, it starts to round up the different ingredients into an interesting grouping.

At this stage you should go on with a courageous mind - after all there should be a lot of juice left in the bottle. Sniff again, remember the teachings of all the discoveries, and let your lips touch the brim of the glass. And your stamina will be rewarded! The middle starts at the beginning, and the nuanced hues begin the wine and color the experience more and more.

An interesting wine that demands slow discussion and study. Corkfingers


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