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Week 7, 1997
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Hannu Lehmusvuori
Bergenrood 1992 - beginning Bergenrood 1992 - developing Bergenrood 1992- ready
Bergendal Bergenrood® 1992
Bergendal Wines
Stellenbosch, South Africa
46,20 FIM~$10

"An excellent counterpart to those cold winter days". Could there be a more appealing back label remark for us Finns right now? In South Africa Bergenrood 1992 is at the moment more likely to be developing in a cool cellar. Nevertheless it must be a pleasure to take out a bottle at the first moment of convenient weather, and the reamaining (if any exist) are enjoyed at the turn of the millenium. So, this wine is enjoyable right now, but it would be nice to test, on that particular new year's eve, how accurately the winemaker has judged the wine's lifespan.

This wine gives your nose rather strong, spicy aromas. The start is also ample and spicy, filling your mouth rather totally. The middele presents soft, nimble tones, but also some playful shots of tannine. The finish lasts considerably well. After hitting the tip of your tongue and the inner sides of your lips, the taste returns back to the back parts of your mouth. Quite an interesting round-trip. By noting the corpulence, one might guess that the wine's lifespan could be pretty long. But to the turn of the millenium...? Would be best to test also in between. And it will be a nice task since this wine has really not been spoiled by a high price-tag. Corkfingers

P.S. I've seldom bumped into a ® sign in a wine's name. I wonder if the people at Bergendal are afraid that the Norwegians, with all their oil money, start constructing gigantic greenhouses in Bergen, and become the new wine masters of the steep slopes?

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