Red Wine of the Week Logo Week 47, 1996 ĐHannu Lehmusvuori

Balkan Crest 1990

Balkan Crest 1990 Balkan Crest Reserva 1990
Sliven, Bulgaria
46,30 FIM

Balkanīs lofty heights and heraldic high waters rush in from Sliven. The conservative label balances the mighty name. A becoming combination for a cabernet sauvignon well worth itīs price.

The vigneron has obviously trusted the exceptionally fine year of 1990 since the original grape tastes are met at the very beginning. First one believes the wine comes to an early finish, but then the taste lingers on getting darker and fuller with interesting aromas. The small oak casks have aged the wine with dignity and gentleness. At 6 this wine seems to be at itīs peak.

This experience of the palate within the medium full Bulgarian sauvignons widens the selection so much dominated by the Stara Zagora Oriachovitzas.

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