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Hannu Lehmusvuori
Nemea dressed in Greek colors leaving the cellar for some time on the beach
Nemea 1994
Achaia Clauss
AOQS Nemea, Peloponnesos, Greece
47,30 FIM ~$10.50

My wife thinks, I think, we think of the name Nemea that tastes like Sinuhe's Minea - soft...

Nemea Appellation d'Origine de Qualite Supérieure - a Greek quality wine and a grape and an origin hinting tradition. It's agiorgitiko grapes are grown on the warm slopes of Nemea.

With Nemea, as with all wines, you must restrain yourself after uncorking. Let her breathe an hour, and she'll open up with the softness resembling her name.
Our red wine has a pleasant scent of the grape. The softness of the taste is accompanied by a drop of spices, and sophisticated, slightly noticeable hues of oak. - Enjoy a pure taste of Greece. And swim with pleasure in between sips.

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