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Week 5/98



Gabriel Meffre
Chevennes, France
33,70 FIM ~US $ 6,25

Fact and fiction...

Wild Pig Red 1996 in Color

"Medium full, peppery pigs fly, full-filling one half of the sky. And on the other half, the fluttering, happy, light, summer-fruity pigs. But just as the ballet is at it's best on both sides, those darned pigs start to approach each other in flocks. The sky boils in a chaos, peppers and fruits are splashing, hoofs and pig-tails are entangled, and carcasses play pool. Squealing pigs keep falling with heavy thuds. The ground is piled with unconscious pig bodies. I try to evade the falling pigs, covering my ears from the animal screams. With cold sweat running, I stride among the carcasses, but can no longer tell the peppery and the summer-fruity apart."
"A pig is a pig, but these could fly for a moment!" said my wife, when I told my dream. A wise woman.

The retailer: medium full body, peppery, spicy.
The producer: fruity nose, soft, round flavors and summer fruits in the mouth.
Hannu: for breakfast this might have a strong body, during lunch the spices get rather closer to mild herbs, and at dinner time - with real food - the taste resembles a fruit salad. Each and every one should experience this 24-hourer - it shouldn't be a question of money!

Carignan, grenache and syrah - a rather light wine that suits light, small piggies. Hogs digging trouffles and vinyards should do it their own way.

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If your heart is warm with happiness, you'll need a glass - if sorrow chills your heart, have two! Anim.

"Avidly testing reasonably priced wine with a view and a vision in mind."

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