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Another vintage

Week 4/98


Another vintage

Château Carsin
54,60 FIM ~US $9,95

France, Australia and Finland...

Chateau Carsin - softly flying

The previous vintage was a festive finding - and when Mandy Jones, Carsin's Australian wine-maker, hinted that 1995 is richer, I got curious.
Yes, fruityness is ampler, the sophisticated spices are in their place - and the new world production is nicely in the grip.

A wine of medium body that demands quite a bit of airing before sips. Tasted too soon, the fruityness appears in a rather transparent cloth - but builds up a more muscular layer if treated with patience.
Merlot dominates this wine - and cabernet brothers, sauvignon and franc, back up in the choir. A small addition to acids and tannines would make a wine that carries the taste-route from the lips to the edge of the throat.

Now balance and 'sophistication' are foremost, slightly pressing personality.
But I have my faith in the rich grape. After some time of maturation our Domain is more apt to meet the dark meats and rich cheeses.
Unmistakably a wine with a lot of love and present pleasantness in it. No unnecessary kicks, no wild jumps, but balance.

Again this château's web site is one of the all-time best - honest and informative in addtion to good looks. I recommend a click on the mouse here.

Rober Parker, The Wine Advocate: 1994 Château Carsin red 85 points - good, sweet berry fruit and oak, as well as excellent ripeness make for an attractive, stylish, smooth-textured wine. 1995 Château Carsin red - a ripe, expansively sweet, chewy-textured, medium-bodied wine for near-term drinking.

If your heart is warm with happiness, you'll need a glass - if sorrow chills your heart, have two! Anim.

"Avidly testing reasonably priced wine with a view and a vision in mind."

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