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Loving Chateau Musar

Hints of true feelings.
13th century.  

Chateau Musar 1990 
Gaston Hochar 
117,00 mk ~$21.50 

Some things you simply fall in love with.  

Chateau Musar is, ofcourse, a legend with a history dating back only to the 30's. The latest generation of Hochars is honoured above the first (though I have little knowledge of old Gaston), and Serge Hochar deserves a deep bow for this treat. The already brownish wine simply gives a rush of powerful aromas. The nose is flooded with pleasure, and the 13.5% kick doesn't evoke anything but glorious memories of fine Cognacs.  

Musar leaves such slowly moving marks on the walls of the glass that they are a pleasure both to the eyes and the nostrils. And then comes the taste: a full-bodied rush filling the palate with oak mixed with tar, stable kicks and fine, rounded grapes. The taste lingers on - but one would wish it to keep on growing instead of gradually diminishing. But perhaps that's just right to prevent the from-the-tastebuds-to-the-brain adventure from exploding the whole CPU.  

If a comparison is necessary, Musar reaches me like Castillo Ygay Gran Reserva Especial 1987. And that's a lot (to me)! Corkfingers 

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