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Hannu Lehmusvuori
Kalevala / Aino triptych by A.G-K.
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Akseli Gallen-Kallela
Aino -triptych
in stamps

Hardys stamps 1996

Hardys Stamps Series
1996 Shiraz-Cabernet
S-E Australia
47,90 FIM ~$9.00

Stamps - like wines - carry a strange world that tells, to the avid eye (and palate), surprisingly many things. I collect wine experiences, but stamps I usually just stick on envelopes going away. But sometimes the symbolics, or the visual quality, in a stamp makes me think that it shouldn't be sent to anyone except a friend who has an eye for the envelope, and not only hands to open it.

If one were to look a Finnish simile to the Australian stamp-roo, I think one should choose Wright's 'Duelling grouse' that used to be on the wall of even the tiniest Finnish hut - as a copy. To me Gallen-Kallela's Kalevala-strength is more pleasing.

The fresh, red, Hardys 'Stamp Series' of last year's harvest is a soft newborn receiving flexibility from the Australian winemaking. Shiraz & cabernet sauvignon seem to have many lives - I usually associate them with more robust experiences. The slight oak-treatment gives this wine more stature than it's freshness would otherwise reveal. We touch, nimbly, the edges of a semi-full body. Some spices in the taste. No long jumps in the after-taste, but pleasant sips. Matured cheeses should be left for some more robust Australians. The strength of this wine lies in the soft, pleasant tastyness, that does not arouse very intense arguments. Best suited for a moment of pleasure with no deep thoughts. Corkfingers

Sibelius' Romance - ofcourse.

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