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Hannu Lehmusvuori
Barcelo Split awaiting a voluptuous Dino
Vino de Mesa Tinto
Hijos de Antonio Barceló
Castilla y León, Spain
39,90 FIM ~$7.50

A red, quite dark wine, with some brownish tints on the edges. Scents of the grapes (Tudela de Duero's tempranillo and garnacha). The taste is strong, and somewhat hard, but bends in interesting ways. A 'bright' and clear wine with only slight sidenotes of oak. The good year (1994) may well be able to mature the tannines favourably for the promised 5 years. Now the wine is quite enjoyable in it's clarity, but it may well become softer and rounder. And since the price is quite tempting, I might buy a couple of bottles more to set them aside for a while - or just enjoy them right off. Corkfingers

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