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Hannu Lehmusvuori
The perfect colour ;-)
CANNONAU di Sardegna, DOC
Riserva 1993

Sella & Mosca
Alghero - Sardegna - Italia
61,00 mk ~$11.00

Quite a cannon shot we've found this time!

This red, already developed wine pushes peppery scents up your nostrils. The taste has echoes of dark gooseberries mixed with a robust grape. You can expect a strong, full-bodied, and long enjoyment. The wine carries you to a finish with live grapes, and favourable tannines - all hinting to longish years. The oak in this wine is not soft vanilla - it bears a firm and pleasant posture, that doesn't squeeze the last millimetres from your backbone, but adds to the wine's, and bends nimbly with certainty.

It's always pleasant to find these sophisticated taste-hammers from the model-land of light wines. I recommend with all my heart - and cajole you - if you found this wine with your own tastebuds - to gear your sight into the wild Sicily. Somewhere there, in a remote village, you might find this heat and peace, and enjoy the macho powers in safety through wine. Corkfingers

Enjoy (for long) Satie's 'flabby dog preludes'.

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