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The chocolate-vanilla Los Molinos
Los Molinos
Crianza en Roble

Bodegas Felix Solis
DO Valdepeñas, Spain
38,90 FIM ~$ 8.00

Two things stand out in my mind: Arthur Rubinstein and the joy of an inexpensive and enjoyable wine.
The grand master of the grand piano pushed himself into my life when I was still a young man - i.e. long ago. At that moment A.R. had reached yet another venerable, even-numbered age, and there was a whole page in the Sunday edition to honor him. The appreciation of the finest nuances of music was still only a vague idea in me, but a little phrase in the article has followed me to this day: "...even in his mature age he has retained his infatuation for the taste of chocolate."
My reaction was one of unity with something great, not quite unlike the kind many experience in those delicate moments when your 'own' ice-hockey team wins the championship and you feel something larger than life flowing into you! Can a champion be described in a more beautiful way than with identifying the child in every one of us?

Crianza en Roble - meaning matured for a bit of time in oak barrels - it says in the Los Molinos label. And the wine is oakvanilla. And not only vanilla, but chocolate moussé, airy and soft. The sinews of oak are another matter. I can't remember to have tasted a wine that was softer or more silky.
It feels exciting that a line of tastes in a wine can be taken this far. We are not speaking of a vintage wine here, so ofcourse somebody may lift his nose in the air and close his eyes - not to mention his tastebuds. Nevertheless I encourage tasting, so that you become familiar also with this 'modest' specialty.
For those who turn away from red wine because of acidity, tannines, dryness, and such matters, Los Molinos might prove to be a good and wise guide on new journeys and discoveries.


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