OUR CRETE 2011 - 2012. Or from Helsinki to Kalyves and back.
Glimpses of the journey and Crete.

Photos and texts Hannu Lehmusvuori, Kiti Malmi-Lehmusvuori & Milli

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Tuesday Feb. 28 - March 3 - Ancona, Italy.

A nice, though speedy round trip to Ancona with Mikko. Also the weather was on our side. And our Renault Mon Amour got revitalized!

Photo glimpses on the boat and in Ancona

100_2089 small ancona boat.jpg - 270874 Bytes

100_2090 small ancona boat.jpg - 60986 Bytes100_2091 small ancona boat.jpg - 140840 Bytes

100_2092 small ancona boat mikko smoking.jpg - 230773 Bytes

Mikko smoking.

100_2094 small ancona boat man painting.jpg - 284903 Bytes

There is always some painting to be done to keep the boat in order.

An evening in Ancona:

100_2098 small ancona church.jpg - 189269 Bytes

100_2099 small ancona opera and alley.jpg - 78653 Bytes100_2101 small ancona opera.jpg - 73895 Bytes

The Opera in Ancona

100_2104 small ancona building.jpg - 143744 Bytes100_2106 small ancona alley.jpg - 75969 Bytes

100_2107 small ancona building.jpg - 148693 Bytes100_2108 small ancona building.jpg - 69269 Bytes

100_2109 small ancona alley.jpg - 143838 Bytes100_2110 small ancona fountain statue.jpg - 148598 Bytes

100_2113 small ancona fountain.jpg - 58191 Bytes

100_2120 small ancona graffiti.jpg - 278435 Bytes

100_2122 small ancona rhino statues.jpg - 276808 Bytes

These rhinos on the square are more than lifesize, and high on their pedestal!

100_2129 small ancona boat back.jpg - 234787 Bytes

More paint jobs had been done before we entered the ship for the voyage back. So, now this side of the deck was barred, BUT you can believe that everything of the lively life on the deck and in the bars is not present in these photos :-)

BTW, we saw Dustin Hoffman on the boat!
And the pizza was not BAD in Italy.
The extra prosciutto with a glass of red was very good!
Greetings to Mr. Berlusconi. May he choke with his prejudices about foreign food!

The weather aftercast on the boat to Ancona, in Ancona, and back to Kalyves:
Tremendously calm voyage weathers from start to finish. Especially from Patras to Ancona, in Ancona, and from Ancona to Patras. Clear blue skies and Sunshine!

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