OUR CRETE 2011 - 2012. Or from Helsinki to Kalyves and back.
Glimpses of the journey and Crete.

Photos and texts Hannu Lehmusvuori, Kiti Malmi-Lehmusvuori & Milli

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Thursday Feb. 9 - Kalyves.

Our friend Michalis had a most joyous 50th birthday party in his and Michele's Taverna Icarus on the beach of Kalyves! Excellent food was served, as always in Icarus, and many, many tasty toasts were had in his honour! It was great to see the merry feelings when friends were meeting to celebrate him! And it was especially GREAT to see how much Michalis ENJOYED his PARTY!

PICT2371 small MICHALIS Arms open wide.jpg - 292848 Bytes

PICT2337 small M with friends.jpg - 73084 BytesPICT2449 small M with friends.jpg - 83323 Bytes

PICT2344 small Friends at table.jpg - 84546 BytesPICT2486 small M dancing among friends.jpg - 81502 Bytes

PICT2327 small BRENT and someone.jpg - 77888 BytesPICT2348 small KYRIAKOS and someone.jpg - 82210 Bytes

PICT2462 small JAMAS by many.jpg - 325125 Bytes

PICT2460 small M dancing alone.jpg - 215347 Bytes

PICT2517 small M rejoicing.jpg - 66384 BytesPICT2510 small M rejoicing.jpg - 75740 Bytes

PICT2416 small M and raki from the floor.jpg - 242806 Bytes

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PICT2435 small M with Alex.jpg - 75832 BytesPICT2442 small M with 2 friends.jpg - 69672 Bytes

PICT2419 small M and KYRIACOS.jpg - 72165 BytesPICT2428 small M and dancing man greeting.jpg - 66021 Bytes

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PICT2543 small M with Il Forno man.jpg - 69195 BytesPICT2525 small M with friend.jpg - 79809 Bytes

PICT2528 small M dancing on table 1.jpg - 76541 BytesPICT2529 small M dancing on table 2.jpg - 80756 BytesPICT2530 small M dancing on table 3.jpg - 87445 Bytes

PICT2574 small Michelle and M kissing.jpg - 298549 Bytes

Michele and Michalis!

PICT2580 small Birthday Cake.jpg - 288841 Bytes

xronia polla.jpg - 5939 Bytes

PICT2590 small WILD Dancing 1.jpg - 37736 BytesPICT2593 small WILD Dancing 2.jpg - 36601 BytesPICT2594 small WILD Dancing 3.jpg - 36198 Bytes

And ofcourse, in Cretan style, the party just went on and on...

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