OUR CRETE 2011 - 2012. Or from Helsinki to Kalyves and back.
Glimpses of the journey and Crete.

Photos and texts Hannu Lehmusvuori, Kiti Malmi-Lehmusvuori & Milli

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Saturday Feb. 4 - Kalyves.

An ILIOS day!
Though the day was also windy, it was great to enjoy the SUN almost all day!
The warmth made it possible to have the doors open almost all through the day. Warmth was oozing in especially upstairs.
And more insects seemed to have woken up. Like this curious beetle:

PICT2297 small BEETLE.jpg - 252108 Bytes

In the evening we enjoyed, again, a most tasty dinner and the friendly company of Michelle and Michalis in Taverna Icarus.

The weather aftercast for today and last night in Kalyves:
Sunshine almost all day, plus some wind, but see the temperatures below.

Today's high +20.0C. Last night's low +4.5C.

Sunday Feb. 5 - Kalyves.

A day that was even more ILIOS than yesterday! A solar energy day!

It seemed that besides us humans, and Milli ofcourse, all the animals enjoyed the warmth of the day.

PICT2302 rsmall SHEEP.jpg - 397902 Bytes

The nearby sheep enjoyed!

PICT2306 small HEN.jpg - 233634 Bytes

The hens in the Potamos enjoyed!

PICT2310 small CARNIVAL FIGURENE.jpg - 158835 Bytes

This figure, waiting for the Carnival (on Feb. 16), enjoyed, and posed with pride in front of the totally cloudless sky matching it's colours!

And we enjoyed walking on the beach road where it was total T-shirt weather.

And it so happened that we ended up in Icarus :-) for bread, butter and their delicious 3-cheese saganaki ! - Well, we had another agenda, too. We wanted to give two CD's by PIIRPAUKE to Michalis and Michelle because they enjoy world music.

To get a full idea of the enjoyability of today's weather, please read the aftercast below.

And by the way, the President of Finland was elected today. The "wrong" candidate won, but our candidate got a sizable slice of the votes, to our satisfaction!

The weather aftercast for today and last night in Kalyves:
Windless sunshine all day.

We made some special temperature measurements at noon: In the shade +18.1C and in the sunshine +38.4C !!

Today's high in the shade +21.5C. Last night's low +4.5C.

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