OUR CRETE 2011 - 2012. Or from Helsinki to Kalyves and back.
Glimpses of the journey and Crete.

Photos and texts Hannu Lehmusvuori, Kiti Malmi-Lehmusvuori & Milli

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Saturday Dec. 31, 2011 - Kalyves.

The New Year's Eve!

We were very much expecting this night's celebration and the mostly local band playing in O Gialos. The night was simply excellent when it comes to eating, drinking, seeing the joyful people, and listening to absolutely great music! And we felt that we were also celebrating in memory of a very dear person.

Let's start with the band.

PICT1990 small O GIALOS BAND.jpg - 313064 Bytes

Vardis Karadakis, Ilias Vlamakis, Dimitrios Vlamakis.
The core of the band. This trio we've enjoyed also before...

PICT2008.small O GIALOS BAND ON STAGEcpt.jpg - 290262 Bytes

...but this time they had two great re-enforcements, the drummer and the bassist. As you can see! And we could hear!

PICT2015 small O GIALOS BAND VOCALS LUTE.jpg - 68243 Bytes PICT2020 small O GIALOS BAND LUTE.jpg - 34044 Bytes PICT2017 small O GIALOS BAND LYRA.jpg - 32830 Bytes

The kids conquered, and enjoyed, the stage early in the evening.

PICT2025 small O GIALOS LITTLE BOYS.jpg - 74156 Bytes PICT2036 small O GIALOS LITTLE BOYS.jpg - 68305 Bytes

Kiti couldn't resist the joy of encouraging the boys in Greek style!

PICT2023 small O GIALOS LITTLE BOYS.jpg - 60668 Bytes PICT1996 small O GIALOS LITTLE BOYS.jpg - 66573 Bytes

PICT2084 small  O GIALOS DANCING.jpg - 219689 Bytes

Later somewhat older persons showed their dancing skills. But even then the star was a young boy.

PICT2063 small O GIALOS LOCAL HERO HIMSELF.jpg - 196736 Bytes

The owner of the taverna, Nikos, was seemingly happy about the full house with enjoying people.
We call him Local Hero. Not only because he was once wearing a T-shirt with that text on it. But because he helped us 5 years ago. Our car was stuck on a hump by the road - and our Local Hero lifted it free with his bare hands!

PICT2004 small O GIALOS NIKOS SON TAKING ORDER.jpg - 314905 Bytes

Dimos, the son of our Elfman, Nikos - not the Local Hero Nikos above :) - taking an order from the ladies.

PICT2054 small O GIALOS OSTRIA FAMILY FRIENDS.jpg - 78347 Bytes PICT2042 small O GIALOS PEOPLE.jpg - 84224 Bytes

Left: The nice Ostria family (with friends) again.

PICT2075 small O GIALOS PEOPLE.jpg - 76230 Bytes PICT2044 small O GIALOS PEOPLE.jpg - 78341 Bytes

PICT2070 small O GIALOS PEOPLE.jpg - 76493 Bytes PICT2007 small O GIALOS ENGLISHMAN.jpg - 68863 Bytes

The night was getting very lively after some food and (sometimes) numerous driks :)

PICT2066 small TATTOO ON FINN.jpg - 100214 Bytes

To our surprise the table next to us was reserved for three Finns visiting Kalyves for the New Year's Eve. We didn't have much conversation with them except exhanging greetings, but it must be said that the tattoo on the back of one of the ladies is great. Can you see it or not, but it says: one life - love it.

That motto suits perfectly our celebrating New Year in memory of a dear person.

The weather aftercast for today and last night in Kalyves:
Someone up somewhere, the one governing weather here, is definately suffering an acute bi-polar personality disorder!Today there was everything. Clouds, clear skies, rain, sunshine, very dark clouds, winds on and off, and some horizontal lightning in the night!

Today's high about +16 to +17C, last night's low +7.7C.

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