OUR CRETE 2011 - 2012. Or from Helsinki to Kalyves and back.
Glimpses of the journey and Crete.

Photos and texts Hannu Lehmusvuori, Kiti Malmi-Lehmusvuori & Milli

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Thursday, Dec. 1, 2011 - Kalyves.

A workig day! Two manuals for a new macro flash need rather speedy translation. So, Hannu has been busy - and will be for some time.

It has also been a sunny and warm day. Not a bad beginning for December! +19C in the shade at best. That meant nice T-shirt moments in the sun! But the nights are cold, down to about +4C on starry nights. So, Hannu had to buy a senior model of warm flanel pyjamas :)

In the late evening we watched with binoculars how the nearly half Moon sunk rapidly and was swallowed by the mountains. For a moment a mountain drew the siluette of its peak onto the very tilted moon. And then the moon disappeared. Somehow it all looked quite eerie!

Friday, Dec. 2, 2011 - Kalyves

A warm day again! Sunny skies with no trace of clouds, not even the white ones of yesterday.

PICT1577 small LEFKA ORI 2011-12-02.jpg - 216866 Bytes

Our collection of olive wood art is increasing. If we go on this way we wouldn't have any wood to burn - but fortunately Nikos has arranged a new shipment of wood to come on Monday :)

PICT1565 small OLIVE WOOD ART.jpg - 271480 Bytes

Acquisition nr. 3

PICT1571 small OLIVE WOOD ART.jpg - 191645 Bytes

Acquisition nr. 2

100_2015 small KALYVES OLIVE LOG.jpg - 220071 Bytes

Acquition nr. 1 (just to freshen up your memory :)

Our landlords, Maria and Giorgios, have finished their hard week of harvesting the olive grove surrounding our house - BUT the work continues on their next olive grove + vinyard, just some 300 meters from here! Maria seemed quite tired of the necessity to continue. We quite understand, and feel sympathy, having seen how tired they both have been at the end of each day.

Kiti has been baking her bread - now for the first time with a mix of Greek rye and wheat. Interesting to find out does it come out as deliciously as with the finnish flours we brought here (all of which she has now used up). Her idea is to go and give Maria and Giorgios a warm loaf at their olive grove.

The Head Master of the Kalyves Primary School, Stella Charistou, has been very kind and made it possible for Hannu to have his Ice & Snow photo exhibition displayed at the school during the bazaar on Dec. 10 to 11. Today Hannu has been preparing some posters to hang in Kalyves to inform about the exhibition.

Milli has been enjoying the sun laying on her own rug!

P.S. The bread turned out fine and was delivered!
Later in the evening we'll go down to the village to have supper with Merja.

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