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Marques de Grinon Marques de Grinon 1994
Rioja Alta, Spain
50,30 FIM

Yet another marques. Winemaking seems very noble in Rioja.
So Marques de Grinon appears in a tough trio. When Marques de Murrieta gives his voice to the bass registers á la Martti Talvela and Marques de Arienzo interprets the barytone notes with the dramatic powers and skills of Jorma Hynninen, Marques de Grinon's duties as a tenor are not the easiest to think of. The trio seems to have a demand for a member of Placido Domingo's caliber.

Marques de Grinon may not quite match Domingo in a dramatic opera, but he fits quite well in the role of a mightier on-stage interpreter of latin melodies.

Marques de Grinon is a relatively young wine of dark red color and slightly dark and spicy scents. It's made of selected tempranillo grapes. It's taste arrives rather softly, soon stinging the palate with liveliness.
As the taste goes on, no greater changes seem to take place. Wild aromatic spheres are not part of this wine. All the same the taste has a pronounced posture and pleasantness. There's mild oak to be tasted. A bit more depth could be called for, but the aromas are relatively durable. The wine finishes with tannines that may mellow with a bit of time.

As the evening goes on our marques becomes more and more familiar. Sipping the wine in between a pleasant chat seems easy. Occasionally the wine touches the palate in such resolute ways that it calls for a remark. A rather good sign.
While opening the third bottle - just to make sure - my wife and I begin to sense that we've become happily aquainted with an english man of nobility. When properly introduced, we learn that this fellow actually is Marques de Grin On.
We are rather certain that something of that smiling gentleman is bound to rub on us. We may be getting a pretty red-eyed look from the mirror in the morning - but with a smile. Corkfingers

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