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The Cool Flaming Lady
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Côtes du Rhône

La Fiée de Lois / AC Côtes du Rhône
47.00 mk ~$ US 8.75

This wine popped up a multitude of visions and memories.

There was a time - many, many years ago - when we graduated from the Algerian bulk wine to a revelation: a bulk Côtes du Rhône that gave us some wine-words. Those were the days when lighting up a candle, listening to the latest vinyl, and uncorking a wine on the floor of the tiny student apartment made one feel luxurious and dreamy.

There was the first journey to the Greek islands - many, many years later - and new luxuries: the intoxication of love at a more mature age - and the finding of xinomavro and it's hints of raisins.

There is a tradition, now 80 years long, of lighting up candles on the window sills on the 6th of December - still in fresh memory - to celebrate the independent Finnish Maiden.

So, this somewhat developed Thematic Côtes du R. with it's spicy berry-nose, nimble backbone and raisin hues steps into some bigger and nostalgic boots. Usually she stands up the ordeal like a lady of the world. And whimsical she is, too. The first time she came on strong like a peasant - odorous, spicy, even a bit muscular but soft, raisiny and healthy - matching the maker's words: to be served with spiced dishes. At a later time we uncorked a young grape juice resembling a light hearted teenager instead of a lady with character. So, beware of bottling variations(?). Anim.

"Avidly testing reasonably priced wine with a view and a vision in mind."

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