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Tempting Las Campanas
Las Campanas
Crianza 1994
Vinicola Navarra S.A.
DO Navarra, Spain
45.60 FIM ~$US 8.60

Though founded already in 1864, the producer, Vinicola Navarra S.A. is not a temptingly personal estate, but part of a big enterprise - Bodegas y Bebidas - cultivating only a relatively small area in Navarra, and contracting several small vinyards for it's grapes, and it's large production. BUT it seems to have a nice production!

The tempranillo is well balanced by garnacha (20%) in this wine with a relaxed and not overwhelming year in American oak. The nose is broad, promising, and dark. My palate witnesses a nearly full-bodied and tempting every-day wine that surpasses the ordinary in it's round robustness and lingering. There seems to have been a good pick of grapes from the neighbours!

A wine like this - with no great credentials, and, on the surface, very little hugging and kissing of one's own vines - and liking it, makes one either a fool or a believer in one's own palate...
I encourage courage! Corkfingers

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