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Luigi Bosca with Earphones

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Luigi Bosca Malbec Reserve 1985
Leoncio Arizu
Mendoza Vino Fino Tinto - Argentina
70,10 FIM ~$US 13.25

This red wine reminds me of a scenery with variations. The first impression shows a well tanned 12 year-old wandering on the slopes where the powerful scents and full taste of spices and the grape create a harmony.
But very soon the Mendozan austerity is revealed. Alongside this soft route runs a well trodden and harder side-path. It's just slightly acidy, and a bit more demanding to follow. But tempting.
Those of us with the gifts of the laden tables wrapped around our waists may wish to return to the softer path. I think that could bee seen as a little mistake because here we have a wine whose varying properties could very well complement each other when confronted with the splendours of the traditional à la carte - say, beef swimming in a gravy thick with spices and cream. That's a time to wish for a whiplash à la Argentina. Corkfingers

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