April 12, 2007

Lots of things happened between Easter and today. But we'll save those things to a time when we are back at home in Finland.

Meanwhile the Cretan nature showed its power.

070412-1-PICT8368.jpg - 67857 Bytes

Just after yielding all their fruits, the orange trees are in bloom again...

070412-2-PICT8363.jpg - 61660 Bytes

...and looking dually beautiful...

070412-3-PICT8380.jpg - 53669 Bytes

...and even more beautiful individually.

070412-4-PICT8381.jpg - 59859 Bytes

And "a rose is a rose is a rose" - especially wonderfully at this time of the year.

070412-5-PICT8375.jpg - 67882 Bytes

The anemone are now most plentiful, but not as lasting and beautiful when Nikos gave them to us a long while ago.

070412-6-PICT8391.jpg - 57274 Bytes

This hybrid has been interesting us a long while. There is one variation that is totally white, and another one that is totally yellow. But this fellow makes a compromise.

070412-7-PICT8396.jpg - 53135 Bytes

The lemon tree on our patio is getting newly pregnant, while still bearing fruit...

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