April 5, 2007 continued
Easter Thursday

While at least some of the women of Kalyves were taking care of decorating the church, at least some of the men were having fun in the kafeneion, Gero Platanos, just opposite the church.

And we joined the fun, just for the pleasure of it!

070405-a-1-PICT8031.jpg - 57255 Bytes

The night in the kafeneion seemed like a merry-making contest of witty wits.
As far as we could see, this friend started an exaggerated tale...

070405-a-2-PICT8047.jpg - 50923 Bytes

...countered by this friend.

070405-a-3-PICT8032.jpg - 58219 Bytes

And the response, well approved, was just enough...

070405-a-4-PICT8056.jpg - 50636 Bytes

..for the "opponent" to take a higher stand to make his point!

070405-a-5-PICT8072.jpg - 54256 Bytes

All the time our Kalyves football coach was enjoying!

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