March 22, 2007 (cont.) till next entry

We seem to have a strange relationship with the whoever, who is in charge of the Cretan weather. Any hints by us about the weather going this or that way, or hoping for the best, seem to evoke the real might of that being.

070322-storm-PICT7867.jpg - 58820 Bytes

Our mid-day feelings of the rain reminding Gene Kelly's "Singing in the rain" turned into watching a veritable whirl of wind and rain.
The picture shows our usually calm olive tree at 6.30 p.m. when the south wind kept on blowing, and the temperature was +14.6oC despite the occasionally heavy rain.
For the first time ever the kiosk in the center of Kalyves was closed. (Had to shop for cigarettes elsewhere.)

Towards the night the wind got milder, the rain mellowed down to drops, and the temperature stayed in the +14oC range. Maybe saying that will bring a storm later in the night?
Dare you, the whoever!

Whatever the outcome will be, tomorrow we'll drive to Chania, Platanias, and Gerani!

March 23, 2007 till next entry

We woke up to a beautifylly sunny morning!
But the swift changes in Cretan weather mean that during the day we also had the whole spectrum: hard wind, hard rain, sunshine, calm overcast. You just name it - we had it!

Our thought of going to Platanias and Gerani carried an idea of perhaps meeting an aquaintance or two, but those places were still in a wintery slumber, mostly dead, only partly alive. Chania is ofcourse alive at any moment, and fortunately the rainy trip through Platanias and Gerani ended up in sunny Chania. Some saganaki and red wine in the old harbour saved our day.

But enough of this weather talk. It's getting to be chitchat, if not altogether shitchat. The problem is that the moment we've jotted down some remarks on the weather, there is again something else in the air. If nothing dramatic appears on that front, we'll try to concentrate on other matters. At 9.20 p.m. in Kalyves the wind tries to bang doors and windows. Temperature 10.3oC.

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