March 12, 2007 till next entry

A gray, mildly rainy day with moderate temperature, and a lack of wind. Kinda soft, excepting occasional power failures (but with those one has to become accustomed in Kalyves).

070312-pisaroita-PICT7773.jpg - 53790 Bytes

070312-pisaroita-PICT7778.jpg - 65454 Bytes

070312-pisaroita-PICT7780.jpg - 60029 Bytes

070312-pisaroita-PICT7783.jpg - 58779 Bytes

070312-pisaroita-PICT7784.jpg - 62846 Bytes

070312-pisaroita-PICT7786.jpg - 49648 Bytes

"Is it a bird, is it a plane, or is it...?"
If you want to make a guess, send it to us with Email.
A hint: sometimes the viewer is wiser when standing on his/her head.

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