March 6, 2007 till next entry

A sunny trip to Rethymnon...

070306-rethy-satama-PICT7731.jpg - 56937 Bytes you can see from the picture of the harbour ;-)

Some sights in the old town which interested us:

070306-rethy-muuri-PICT7728.jpg - 73716 Bytes

070306-rethy-ruukut-PICT7729.jpg - 66789 Bytes

070306-rethy-historia-PICT7733.jpg - 57231 Bytes

Here the renowation workers (at left) were pondering about history while looking at the house to be worked on in the Venetian harbour.

070306-rethy-ikkuna-PICT7734.jpg - 65744 Bytes

Here nobody was thinking or looking...
Maybe it's best?

Some of the joys of this short trip (besides strolling in the pleasant old town and its Venetian harbour) were:

Kiti found (again) a beautiful pair of ear-rings.
But we could not pay them with Hannu's VISA even after several attempts with the jeweller's machine(s), and not even with the neighbouring jewellery's machine. Luckily Kiti found a bank's automat to be able to pay in cash.
The lesson to be learned:
Always have cash for your shopping.
It's far safer, and so much less time-consuming.

The Kanakakis Art Gallery (of modern art) was closed because of a renowation project of the building.
(Sponsoring by the EU is understandable.)

We had a quick lunch in Samaria along the boulevard above the beach.

We renewed our acquaintance with the manic driving on
the New National (Racing) Road.

We had our two hungry tail-waggers waiting for us at our abode.

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