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A slow day in the abode. The rain finally came. And it has been a decent one so far, not overpouring, just nurturing the nature.
Saw a fine movie, Chocolat, on DVD. Burned many chunks of olive tree in the fireplace all through the day. Watching a fireplace beats almost any TV program, and is far more interactive. Fortunately we don't have a TV in the abode. And it's been surprisingly easy to do without. Wondering if that will hold when back in Finland?

A luxury in the early evening: a warm bubble-bath.

Previous, very sunny days have given us the joy of seeing more of the very beautiful wild flowers decorating Crete.

kalyves-kasvi-PICT7576.jpg - 50884 Bytes

Malva sylvesteris, Common mallow (ENG), malva (FIN)

This one with its five petals is one of our favourites in its elegance. Diameter about 4 to 5 cm.

kalyves-kasvi-PICT7602.jpg - 49470 Bytes


These tiny ones can be seen, if one gears one's eyes to magnification. The flower's diameter is only about 7 mm.

kalyves-kasvi-PICT7613.jpg - 58508 Bytes

Sinapis alba, white mustard (ENG), lapsanidha (GR) - can be cooked and enjoyed with salt, oil and lemon.

These are plentiful by the olive trees, on fields, and on road-sides.

Weather Feb. 1, 2007
A sunny day.
Daytime (high): 21.7oC.
Previous night (low): 2.5oC.

Weather Feb. 2, 2007
A cloudy day with the much awaited rains on and off all through the day.
Daytime (high): 15.9oC.
Previous night (low): 6.9oC.

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