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We had Nikos over for an unusual 5 o'clock dinner. Supa sparagia, made with the wild asparagus Nikos had recently given us, for starters. Kiti's tuna fish pie and salad for the light main course. And great local youghurt with honey and crushed peanuts for dessert. The wine: a nice bottle of "nearly local" Logari (red).

A very nice time talking and dining with Nikos.
He ate with gusto! And talked eagerly!
Apart from all the other things he told us, he also revealed that today there had been an interesting episode in the daily (4 p.m.) program on cooking in the Cretan TV. They had covered the use of tsouknida (nettles) in foods!
Magnifico! Mahtavaa!

kalyves-kasvi-PICT7604.jpg - 53939 Bytes

They were covering the ones resembling this little beauty that is now interestingly in bloom.
The real nettle that is used for food has more leaves pointing to all directions.

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Borago officinalis, Borage (ENG), kurkkuyrtti tai purasruoho (FIN) - flowers are edible and make a nice decoration in a salad.

Some people find nettles hard to cope with. To us this plant seems a lot more hostile than the burning nettle that makes great and healthy food in knowing hands.

Weather Jan. 31, 2007
A sunny day.
Daytime (high): 17.4oC.
Previous night (low): 0.5oC.

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