From Nov. 12, 2006 till next entry (continued)

No peeks into our abode this time...

We are still on the south shores of Crete with our furry guardians, Ida & Milli.

Today was a great horizontal and vertical expansion in Ida's and Milli's lives. Never have they been this south, nor this high (going over Lefka Ori) on this Tellus.
And both dimensions now have their scent.

fragokastello-wall-01.jpg - 62764 Bytes
This is the place Ida & Milli conquered to themselves -
the old castle in Fragokastello.

fragokastello-ida-milli-01.jpg - 77194 Bytes
And it's a tough job indeed to be a conqueror.

fragokastello-wall-02.jpg - 56382 Bytes
All of this was also under Ida's & Milli's scrutiny.

fragokastello-ida-milli-rannalla.jpg - 60997 Bytes
After a hard day's work as castle owners, it was a relief to feel the refreshing breeze of Liviko Pelagos (Libyan Sea).

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