From Sept. 30, 2006 till next entry
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Having moved to the house in Kalyves we see the same mountains, Lefka Ori, but the view is getting much clearer.

Some of our feelings can be read from our experiences with lamb chops and wine

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The nights are also getting more interesting. Occasionally there is not just the full moon, but a duel between Zeus and our mightiest god represented by his diminutive, Ukkonen. So far it's been just an act of Olympic sports without any Hard Rock Halleluja.
Excepting of course the next night, Oct. 11, 2006, when it was such Hard Rock that we sent a silent wish to our mighty Ukko to teach some diplomacy to his representative, so as not to get Zeus all too worked up.

On the whole we still need to concentrate on the closest surroundings.
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And at the same time our environment is opening up to us through stifado and wine.

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