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Week 9/98


Vino de Mesa

Bodegas Vitorianas S.A.
36,90 mk ~US $ 6,90

Holy fables...
SAY "Hugo"!
On Kalevala's Day - Feb. 28, 1998
Kullervo's curse
Akseli Gallen-Kallela
Kullervo's Curse 1899

Kullervo's* catalytic curse echoed like an earth-quake: "Who's the hideous humbugger who wished this whiff! I wanted a wine of the week, and now I thirst for tears to those beastly bottlers. My Hugo howls!"

These deamon's decibels called in a cop, stepping with a stern stem, budging buttocks messaging menace, competing Kullervo's high howls. "Stop your yachetyyak, step off the stone, or I'll sniff your whiff, and make you holler huuuuugo**. Already, ominously, getting Hugo's horrible odour! You witless witling, fallen for former prophesies! Hugo's previous premiums, the oaky oasis, has withered white, turned into five-cent fire-water. I'll grab this ghastly gin, and carry Kullervo calmy into our dear dungeon."

* Kullervo is a dramatic character in the Finnish national epos, Kalevala. He was robbed of his tasty bread by a matron who baked a stone into it.
** A pre-historic, pre-alcometric way of officially getting a whiff of someone's intoxication in situations not approved by the law.

If your heart is warm with happiness, you'll need a glass - if sorrow chills your heart, have two! Anim.

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