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Brogal Vini s.r.l.
Vino da Tavola
Umbria, Italia
34,30 mk ~US $ 6,35

Sangiovese dell'Umbria 1995

Pasta - what is it?

We all certainly know what pasta is. The problem lies here: pasta is like a potato. Even though it makes fine food almost by itself, in reality it's mostly just a vessel carrying a meal. Thus the knottiest wine question is: what is a good pasta wine? Pasta could be carrying a hot-peppery meat, a vegetarian's mild meal, or a delicious plate from the depths of the sea, an addition to a salad, the carbon-hydrate bomb-blast for a Sicilian cheese or just a snaky macaroni dipped in egg...

Condition 1: The wine must be Italian.
Condition 2: It must go with meat, fish, vegetables, crustaceans, eggs, and plain wheat flour - not to mention cheese, cream, youghurt, junket, peppers, oils, vinegar, mustard and tomato sauce. And one must not forget garlic, sausages, ham, beef, mutton, mushrooms, onions, salad, cucumber and sweet pepper...

This sangiovese is so plainly complicated that it's a pasta wine.
The ruby red, clear, and rather young wine has a nose of some spices, and comes out rather powerfully. It has a taste with a backbone, nice acids and fruits - pure wine. No oak, no vanilla. The taste hits your palate full of fruit and wine, and stays there a suitable moment.
If this wine had a more structured body, it wouldn't be a pasta wine. Now it's the dot on an i for pasti. - And if you think about the price, it's a period to thinking!

The simple things in life are almost free. Anim.

"Avidly testing reasonably priced wine with a view and a vision in mind."

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