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Robert Delaunauy with Molina.jpg - 17.564 K
Castillo de Molina Reserva 1995
Viña San Pedro S.A.
Lontue - Chile
58,20 FIM ~$US 10.50

Dulce materia, oh rosa de alas secas,
en mi hundimiento tus pétalos subo...

Pablo Neruda

All things from many directions and different angles... Chile's ex-ambassador to France, poet, word-storm, wine-lover, connoisseur, shell collector and a man with a broad and fiery heart, Pablo Neruda, leaps into my mind. - Castillo Molina has that honest closeness to earth without filtration. Only the necessary art-twists with the aromas of the earth, even though Jacques Lurton is known to have hovered above the vinyards.

Dark berries, hints of spices, and the depths - they all open up to the nose and palate. The oak supports the wine well. The grape seems to be alive, having edges of slight tannine stings to keep the taste lingering long enough. A wine complex enough - with content.
Grab a book of poems and open up! Corkfingers

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