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DURIUS 1994 Collección Personal
Marques de Grinon
Castilla-León - Spain
69,70 FIM ~$13.50

Marques de "Grin-On" produces constant smiles! Unprejudiced culturing of the Spanish soil according to the modern taste.

This definitely red tempranillo from Ribera del Duero has a nose of pleasant grapes, and inkyness. It's balance opens up your receptors. - And the reward is imminent: the moving, ample, and somewhat spicy taste hits your palate. It doesn´t linger there very, very long, but long enough. The balance reveals a master in gymnastics!

The 'personal collection' label is not a far-fetched idea. A pure experience with all the pieces in their right place. No over-the-boundaries stings, but a pleasantly tasty harmonie.
To be tasted during a peaceful and joyosly philosophical dinner.

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